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If you have any questions regarding the membership of our cannabis association, please fill out the following form with the required information.

Cannabis club membership

Remember that there are specific regulations surrounding cannabis social clubs and the registration process.
Before showing up at the reception you must know the rules and meet the requirements

Membership Rules and Requirements

Be over 18 years old

Be already a cannabis user

Bring your valid ID Card

Membership endorsement

Request a membership

If you don’t know anybody, contact us and verify if you are welcome.

Sticky Dabs BCN Social Club always reserves the right of admission and the right to not uphold new registrations at anytime.

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The data you are providing voluntarily will be stored in our system for the period of time necessary to perform the respond to your enquiry, and for our waiting list, for a period not longer than 3 months. If you wish to cancel a request, ask for information about your personal data entered or delete your personal data, write to


Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-Lloc, 112, 08014 Barcelona


Sunday-Thursday: 10.00 – 23.00
Friday – Saturday: 10.00 – 0.00